MONDAY 4 APRIL 2016 7.00 p.m.


Present:  Councillors W J Chorlton (Chairing),  John Knox-Crawford, J V Owen, Mrs Ann Kennedy, Mrs R N Keegans, S J Redmond, Keith R Roberts, T Lloyd Hughes, E G Jones and K Tatlock

In attendance:

C Ll Everett (Town Clerk/Financial Officer)

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist)


1.  To ask the question – “Is any member of the public or any member making a recording of this meeting?

Mrs Angela Redmond from the public gallery stated that she was making a recording of the meeting.


The Town Clerk stated that he had received a Planning Application after the Agenda had been sent out and it was resolved that this planning application (ref no 19C1160B) be considered at the end of the meeting.

Minute no. 4045/16


2.  Apologies for absence were received by Councillors Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE, J M Evans, S Hadley,

R E Williams, Mrs Jean A Ll Williams and Mrs Beryl Warner BEM.



Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy in Correspondence letter (B) request for financial donation - letter by Porth y Felin Community Partnership dated  26 February 2016

Councillor J V Owen in accounts paid cheque no 109690 hospitality payment and correspondence letter (B) request for financial donation – letter by Porth y Felin Community Partnership dated 26 February 2016


4.  To welcome a representative of the North Wales Police to the meeting:

There was no representative from the North Wales Police in attendance.


5.  NOTICE OF MOTION from Councillor K Tatlock:

Councillor Tatlock stated that last year’s AGM was his first meeting as a Town Councillor and he wished to have a copy of the names and contact details of Councillors who had been elected onto Council Committees.  The Town Clerk stated that he would provide Councillor Tatlock with this information and that this information was also provided to Councillors at each year’s AGM.

Councillor Tatlock then stated that Councillor J V Owen at the Annual General Meeting had elected Councillor Ann Kennedy as Deputy Mayor.  Councillor Kennedy requested Councillor Tatlock to withdraw this statement.  Councillor J V Owen stated that he had proposed that Councillor S Hadley be elected as Deputy Mayor, which was seconded but Councillor S Hadley did not wish to stand as Deputy Mayor for personal reasons and that Councillor Kennedy was then proposed and seconded as Deputy Mayor.   Councillor Kennedy re-iterated that when the Mayor/Deputy Mayor is elected each year that they are voted in democratically. The Town Clerk stated that as per Standing Orders the elected Deputy Mayor automatically steps up to become Mayor as long as that person has not brought the Council into disrepute.    Councillor Kennedy stated the importance of formal training for Councillors and requested the Town Clerk if he could look into this so that training could be arranged.  The Town Clerk stated that Town and Community Councils did not have the power to elect a Mayor only a Unitary Authority, such as the Anglesey County Council and this would probably incur a high cost.




MONDAY 4 APRIL 2016 7.00 p.m.



It was resolved that all Receipts and Payments for January 2016 and February 2016 be approved.

Receipts January 2016 amounting to £51,839.70 and February 2016 £49,010.50 and

Payments January 2016 £83,328.73 (cheque nos 109640 – 109688) and February 2016 £67,466.57

(cheque nos. 109689 – 109720).

Minute no. 4046/16

Councillor J V Owen did not take part in the vote on the Receipts and payments as he had already declared an Interest.

Councillor S J Redmond questioned one of the cheque payments to David Jones & Co and asked what it was for.  The Chairman of the Staffing Committee informed Councillor Redmond that it was for a staffing issue.


7.  Appointment of Internal Auditor for financial year 2016/2017:

The Town Clerk stated that the Council’s Internal Auditor was a member of CIPFA and had experience of audit procedures as he carried out audits for a total of 100 Councils on Anglesey and throughout North Wales.

Councillor S J Redmond proposed that the job of Internal Auditor be re-advertised as he was concerned that the independence of the Internal Auditor was in question after so many years that friendships could be made.  This proposal was seconded.

It was also then proposed and seconded to re-appoint the existing Internal Auditor, Mr J D Roberts.  By a majority vote, this proposal was carried.

Minute no. 4047/16 The
Mayor, Councillor J V Owen asked the question – “Does the work of the Internal
Auditor get verified by the External Auditors

The Town Clerk re-iterated that the work of the Internal Auditor is each year verified by the External Auditors appointed by the Welsh Audit office and that the existing External Auditors, Hacker Young of Chester would no longer act as External Auditors and that new External Auditors were being appointed.


8.  Town Clerk to up-date members on VVP applications and Screen 2:

The Town Clerk stated that the VVP Officer of the Anglesey County Council had secured funding so that the Screen 2 proposal could proceed and that this funding would enable the Town Council to buy projector equipment and cover the cost of the payment of fees towards the planning application and structural engineer’s work.  The Town Council were also able to secure funding to buy a new diesel roadworthy tractor from a local firm.  The last tractor had been bought 11 years previously and the Town Council now wanted to buy a bigger machine.

Councillor T Lloyd Hughes joined the meeting at this stage 7.35 p.m.


The Town Clerk reminded members that a meeting had been arranged to be held in the Town Hall on Wednesday 13 April at 10.30 a.m. as the Holyhead Town Council were the preferred organisation for taking over the big park at New Park Road Holyhead.

Councillor J V Owen wished it to be minuted that he was very grateful to the staff for their initiative in being able to secure the VVP funding for the benefit of the community.

Minute no. 4048/16


9.  Amendments to Code of Conduct:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded, that the amendments to the Code of Conduct be noted.

Minute no. 4049/16




MONDAY 4 APRIL 2016 7.00 p.m.


10.  Town Clerk to report on capital investment in the Playcentre:

The Town Clerk reported that when the questionnaires were carried out at the Empire complex that a large number of persons from out of town were visiting the Empire complex as well as from the town and this was positive as it brought extra footfall into the town centre.

The Town Clerk reminded members that the Empire complex had had a 5 star food hygiene rating and commented on the large number of persons and children using the Empire complex since it had opened.

It was resolved, proposed and seconded that the Town Council spend up to a maximum of £10,000 capital investment in the Empire complex playcentre.

Minute no. 4050/16

The Town Clerk informed members that each Winter following heavy rainfall that the Town Hall building was leaking with driving rain down the walls of the Clerk’s office and the reception office and this was an on-going problem in a building which had been built in 1875.

It was resolved that the Town Clerk be given authority to try and solve the leakage in the Town Hall building should there be any surplus funds in the draft Estimates not spent  during this financial year.

Minute no. 4051/16



(a)  Lyn Cadwaladr Chief Executive, One Voice Wales : Membership of One Voice Wales 2016/2017:

It was resolved that due to the cost of £1,602 being the membership fee that Holyhead Town Council do not renew it’s membership at the present time.

Minute no. 4052/16


(b)  Dylan Fôn Appleton Owen, Heritage Ranger, Porth –y- Felin Community Partnership : Holyhead CHIME Community Heritage Initiative for Maritime engagement : Request for donation

It was resolved that the Holyhead Town Council would not make a financial donation as the Holyhead Town Council had not set aside funds in the donations budget when preparing the draft Estimates and has already pledged to support the National Eisteddfod which will take place on Anglesey in 2017 with the Proclamation Ceremony taking place in 2016.

Minute no. 4053/16

Councillors J V Owen and Mrs Ann Kennedy left the Council Chamber and took no part in the discussion or vote on this item.


(c)  Ann Murphy, Llaingoch & District Horticultural Society : Request for financial donation Annual Summer Flower/Craft & Produce Show Saturday 13 August 2016

It was resolved  to make a donation of £100.00.

Minute no. 4054/16


(d) Linda Hadley, Secretary, Holyhead Maritme Museum : Copy of letter sent to Dr. Gwynne Jones, Anglesey County Council re: Village green application.

It was resolved to note the information in the correspondence.

Minute no. 4055/16





MONDAY 4 APRIL 2016 7.00 p.m.


Councillor S J Redmond stated that he would put in a Notice of Motion at the next Council meeting to ask why the Waterfront development has not progressed up to now with the plans for zones 2 and 3 of the Waterfront development.



Planning Appl no. 19c1160B : Full application for change of use of building from ancillary office/

medical facilities to class B1 (offices) and/or C2A (secure support centre) at Penrhos Works Holyhead

It was resolved to make no objection.

Minute no. 4056/16


The meeting concluded at 8.05 p.m.