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This facility is situated in the Port adjacent to the Celtic Gateway Bridge linking Town and is run by the Town Council to try and promote tourism and Trade in the town.

Scale of Charges – Left luggage

  • Up to 2 hours - £1.50 per item
  • Up to 4 hours - £2.50 per item
  • Up to 8 hours - £5.00 per item
  • Up to 24 hours - £10.00 per item

An excess charge of £10.00 per item will be raised per day if items are not collected after 24 hours.

Luggage can not be accepted for overnight storage on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays

Items will only be released on production of a valid receipt and if the appropriate fee has been paid.

Items are accepted in accordance with our standard terms and conditions and may be subject to hand search depending on the security level in force.

Left Luggage Ticket Conditions

The following are conditions upon which articles are accepted for deposit.

1. The Council employees and agents are not authorised to accept any articles which separately or in aggregate exceed the value of £600 and the Council, its employees and agents accept no responsibility for the safe custody of such articles.

2. The depositor warrants to the Council that articles deposited with the Council do not either separately or in aggregate exceed the value of £600, that such articles are not dangerous and that any such perishable articles will not be deposited with the Council for more than 24 hours.

3. All articles deposited are accepted at the sole risk of the depositor, and at the discretion of the Council. The Council, its employees or agents will not be liable for the loss of, misdelivery or damage to any article deposited with the Council, howsoever caused, whether by negligence or otherwise, or for any consequential loss resulting from such loss, misdelivery or damage.

4. The Council, its employees or agents, will not be liable for any consequential loss resulting from the loss of, misdelivery of, or damage to articles deposited with the Council.

5. The Council is authorised to keep any article so deposited whatsoever place it, in its absolute discretion, thinks fit.

6. The Council is authorised to deliver up deposited articles to any person who produces the ticket or receipt issued in exchange for them, whether or not that ticket or receipt was issued to that person. The Council is only authorised to deliver up articles deposited to a person not able to produce the appropriate ticket or receipt if he satisfies the Council that he is the depositor or has the depositor's authority and this will include providing proof of his/her identity, including a signed photograph and completing a signed discharge.

7. Perishable articles may be deposited for up to 24 hours, and will be liable to be disposed of by the Council thereafter.

8. CHARGE FOR EXCESS PERIOD – An excess charge for each article, as displayed at the Left Luggage Office will be payable in respect of a period in excess of 24 hours. A receipt is obtainable for any excess payment made.

9. If any article is not removed after one week the Council will treat the article as lost property, and accordingly it will be disposed of.

10. Items will only be accepted on payment of the appropriate fee and will only be released if any excess fee that may be due has been paid.