Councillors present:  J V Owen (Mayor), Mrs Ann Kennedy (Deputy Mayor), Keith R Roberts,

W J Chorlton, Mrs R N Keegans, K Tatlock, Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE and Mrs Jean A Ll Williams

In attendance:  Mr C Ll Everett (Town Clerk/Financial Officer)

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist)

Gareth Williams from the local Press


1.  The Mayor, Councillor J V Owen welcomed all present to the meeting and wished everyone best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

He asked the question is anyone in the Council Chamber tape recording the Meeting and he was told that no one was tape recording the meeting.


2.  Apologies for absence were received from Councillors John Knox-Crawford, R E Williams, T Lloyd Hughes, Mrs Beryl Warner BEM and E G Jones.


3.  DECLARATION OF INTEREST by any Councillor or Officer:

Councillor J V Owen would not be taking the Chair when Mr Arthur Beechey from Agoriad Cyf was addressing the Council as he is a friend of Mr Beechey and has a business connection with Agoriad Cyf.


4.  MAYOR’S ANNOUNCEMENTS were circulated to the members present.

The Mayor showed the Councillors present the Certificate of Recognition Award and the Award itself which was presented to him on behalf of Trefi Môn (the five town Councils in Anglesey) at the Awards Ceremony at the Kinmel Manor Hotel by the Police & Crime Commissioner for North Wales on Thursday 22 October 2015 for the achievement in setting up the CCTV cameras across Anglesey.


The Mayor congratulated Councillor W J Chorlton for being elected by the town Councils on Anglesey to sit on the Anglesey County Council’s Standards Committee.


5.  List of Councillors who attended the Code of Conduct training on the 9 November 2015:

It was resolved to note the information.

Minute No 4013/15

Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy stated that the Code of Conduct training was most informative and helpful and the members who attended were able to ask Lynn Ball LLB, Monitoring Officer of the Anglesey County Council questions which she answered and clarified what conduct was acceptable and which was not, that it was not acceptable for members to be called “crooks” and to refer to their age or profession in the public domain whether in the local press or online.


6.  Town Clerk to report on Screen 2 at the Empire Cinema : Independent Cinema Office Report (attached)

The Town Clerk highlighted the large number of persons (adults and children) from the town, across Anglesey and beyond who had visited the Playcentre and Cinema since it had been opened in November 2013.  He explained that should the Holyhead Town Council be able to proceed with Screen 2 which would be positioned in the existing flat at the Cinema, then the Empire would be able to show more up-to -date films which would bring in extra revenue and create additional employment. 






There would also be a need to create more female toilets.  The Screen 2 would provide an additional 25 – 30 seating plan.  The Town Council could provide £20,000 from its reserves, subject to the grant funding being successful.   The Town Clerk was working with the Economic Development Department of the Anglesey County Council to try and secure the grant funding for the Project to succeed.

The recommendation from the Indpendent Cinema Office Report was for the Town Council to proceed to apply for the funding as the Screen 2 would be a success.  The Town Clerk informed members that the Business Plan is available should any member wish to read or have a copy of.  The Town Clerk also informed members that in the long-term it was to try and secure the finance to purchase the building.   The Mayor asked members did they understand the resolution to give the Town Clerk Powers to Act to proceed with the Project. 

It was resolved, that the Town Clerk be given Powers to Act to proceed with applying for the necessary funding and that, if required, £20,000 would be used from the Town Council’s reserve to achieve the Project.  The resolution was carried unanimously by the members but the Mayor abstained from voting.

Minute No 4014/15


The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy chaired the meeting at this point.


7.  To receive a Presentation from Arthur Beechey from Agoriad Cyf:

Mr Beechey accompanied by Mr Mick Barlow were welcomed to the meeting.  Mr Beechey stated that Agoriad was established in 1992 as a Registered Charity and was grant dependent up to 2006.  Its aim was to provide employment and training for persons across Anglesey and Gwynedd and also persons who found it difficult to gain employment due to a disadvantaged background or disability.

A large number of persons who have gained employment have been employed for longer than 2 years.  Persons would be referred to Agoriad Cyf through the Job Centre or through the Social Services Department.  This has resulted in a positive effect on the local economy and has provided training and confidence building to all those employed.   There is a total of 30 members of staff which run a number of social enterprises, such as cafes.  Agoriad Cyf was keen not to rely on grant funding alone but they wanted to be sustainable and they were keen to become more involved with the local authorities of Anglesey and Gwynedd and would like to be part of the Economic Development Board in the future.    Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy suggested that maybe there was VVP funding that could be applied for in the future.  Mr Beechey stated that the reason for attending the meeting was to inform Town Council members of the positive benefits that Agoriad Cyf has achieved within the community since it had been set up and to continue its close relationship with the Holyhead Town Council.   Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy thanked Mr Beechey and Mr Barlow for attending the meeting.


The Mayor, Councillor J V Owen resumed chairing the Meeting.


8.  To welcome a representative of the North Wales Police to the meeting:

There was no representative of the Police at the meeting.






9.  To receive for information the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Monday 5th October 2015:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded that the Minutes be received as a true record.

Minute No. 4015/15

Item 6 : Councillor Mrs Jean A Ll Williams stated that the Minutes should have read that “four of her children” owned a piece of land at the back of the Llanfawr Road playpark.


10.  To approve the Minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting held on Monday 2 November 2015:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded to approve the Minutes.

Minute No. 4016/15



(a)  Letter from Councillor Mrs Beryl Warner BEM : Request for leave of absence from attending Council meetings.

It was resolved, proposed and seconded to accept Councillor Warner’s request for leave of absence from attending Council Meetings.

Minute No. 4017/15


(b)  Mrs C A Booth, Clerk to the Governing Body, Reverend Thomas Ellis Primary School :

To nominate a new School Governor in place of Councillor Stan Hadley.

It was resolved to nominate Councillor J M Evans and if this was not possible that Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy should be nominated.

Minute No. 4018/15


The meeting concluded at 7.55 p.m.


















Minutes CM 7 12 2015 1