Present: Councillors J V Owen (Mayor), Keith R Roberts, R E Williams, S Hadley, S J Redmond,

W J Chorlton, K Tatlock, T Lloyd Hughes, J M Evans, Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE


In attendance:  C Ll Everett (Town Clerk/Financial Officer)

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist)

Gareth Williams from the local Press


1.  To ask the question “Is a member of the Council or the public in the Council Chamber tape recording the meeting?

The answer was No.  Mrs Angela Redmond was making notes by pen and paper in the public gallery.


2.  The Mayor welcomed all present to the first meeting of 2016.  Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs Ann Kennedy, Mrs Norma Keegans, Mrs Jean A Ll Williams, Gary Jones and John Knox-Crawford.



Cllr T Lloyd Hughes and Cllr J M Evans in the “Holyhead Park” budget item in the draft Estimates 2016/2017

Cllr T Lloyd Hughes in correspondence letter (a) Donation request letter from Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Ynys Môn 2017 Appeal – Ynys Cybi and Caergybi Committee

Councillor J M Evans asked permission to read from his Ipad an E Mail message from the Anglesey County Council re: the Holyhead Park.



The Mayor had attended the Christmas Dinner at the Newry Community Centre organised by the

J E O’Toole Centre and  he had also given out gifts to the patients at the Penrhos Stanley Hospital and at the Garreglwyd Residential Home before Christmas.

That day, the Mayor had also attended the turf cutting for the new Primary School at the Cybi School site.






5.  To welcome a representative from the North Wales Police to the meeting:

No representative of the North Wales Police was in attendance.  

At this point, Councillor K Tatlock stated that there was no crime report by the North Wales Police on the damage caused to the roundabout at the Llanfawr Road playpark.  The Town Clerk stated that the roundabout had been hacksawed and put back to conceal the damage and consequently the roundabout had to be removed as it was a severe danger to any child using the equipment. 

The Council staff had made a report of this on the Play park safety check-sheet and had notified a PCSO of what had happened.  The Town Clerk left the Chamber and obtained the playpark check safety sheet which was filled in by the Council staff who make their safety checks of the play parks on a daily basis and the Town Clerk gave a copy this check-sheet to Councillor Tatlock. 

The Town Clerk stated that he had already informed Councillor Tatlock on a number of occasions the reasoning behind the removal of the roundabout at the Llanfawr Road playpark  and that the check-sheet from the staff was available should he require a copy of to view.   Councillor Tatlock denied that he had been informed of this.  The Town Clerk was concerned by the statement from Councillor Tatlock and indicated again that he had informed him on a number of occasions that the check-sheet form filled in by the Council staff was available should he wish to see this.  The Mayor, from the chair, informed Councillor Tatlock that this item was not on the Agenda of that night’s meeting (18 January 2016) and could not be further discussed as the Town Clerk had already given an explanation to Councillor Tatlock previously.


6.  DRAFT ESTIMATES 2016/2017 and Clerk’s Report (attached):

The Town Clerk stated that he had prepared the draft Estimates and that every member of the Council had been given an opportunity of gaining clarification on any item of the draft Estimates prior to the meeting but that no Councillor since receiving their Agenda had called in to his office to do this.

It was resolved, proposed and seconded that Councillor J M Evans read out the E Mail he had received as a County Councillor on how the Anglesey County Council would deal with the Holyhead Park in the near future.

Minute no. 4025/16



                                                  HOLYHEAD TOWN COUNCIL



The Town Clerk informed members that he had included £40,000 in this year’s Precept for the possible take-over of the Holyhead Park, the additional cost for the Precept payers in the community living in a Band ‘D’ property would be 29 pence per week should members support the Report and less if living in Band ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ properties.

The Town Clerk explained that unless capital grant funding was available to carry out the necessary improvements to the Holyhead Park that Holyhead Town Council would not be able to take over the Holyhead Park as the money put in the budget tonight would be required for staffing the Park only and that there could be TUPE staff matters to consider also.

Both Councillor T Lloyd Hughes & Councillor J M Evans did not vote when the Holyhead Park item was being discussed.

At this point, Councillor Redmond indicated that he wished to speak.  He stood up and spoke for several minutes making various comments including in his opinion that the amount the Holyhead Town Council had set aside for the Holyhead Park was not adequate,  he also questioned the amount that the Town Clerk had set for Elections and questioned whether the North Wales Police had put any funds into the CCTV system.  After allowing him to speak for some considerable time, the Mayor asked Councillor Redmond if he had a specific question to ask the Town Clerk.  However, Councillor Redmond continued to make various comments regarding the budget.  As a result, the Mayor stood up and asked Councillor Redmond to be seated in order for the Town Clerk to answer his questions and as the Town Clerk

was attempting to answer Councillor Redmond’s questions, Councillor Redmond was verbally intimidating in his manner in trying to undermine the officer carrying out his duties as Town Clerk and Financial Officer of the Council.  

Councillor Redmond without giving any reason subsequently walked out of the meeting followed by a Mr Mike Jones from the public gallery who became aggressive and verbally abusive towards all present while walking out of the Chamber.

Councillor T Lloyd Hughes stated that every Town Councillor should behave with the proper etiquette and protocol when in attendance at Council meetings, as per their Code of Conduct responsibilities.

The Town Clerk stated that when Code of Conduct training was offered to Councillors by the Monitoring Officer of the Anglesey County Council on the 9 November 2015 that only 6 members turned up out of 16 Councillors.

It was resolved, proposed and seconded that a recorded vote be taken on the draft Estimates for 2016/2017.

Minute No. 4026/16






It was resolved, proposed and seconded to approve the draft Estimates for 2016/2017.

Minute no. 4027/16

The following members voted as follows:- Councillors J V Owen, S Hadley, R E Williams, W J Chorlton, Keith R Roberts, Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE voted to approve the draft Estimates for 2016/2017 prepared by the Town Clerk.  Councillor K Tatlock abstained from voting and Councillors T Lloyd Hughes and Councillor J M Evans declared an interest in the additional funding towards the Holyhead Park but supported the approval of the draft Estimates 2016/2017.

Councillor J M Evans commended the Town Clerk on the way in which he prepares the draft Estimates on behalf of the Town Council each year.

It was also resolved  that Holyhead Town Council would be prepared to hold discussions with other interested organisations should Holyhead Town Council take over the responsibility of running the Holyhead Park.

Minute no. 4028/16 

The Mayor announced that he had instructed the Town Clerk to write to the Chief Constable and to the Chief Executive of the Anglesey County Council as Councillor Redmond has been making further statements that the Town Council is being investigated by the Police for corruption and fraudulence.


7.  To receive for information the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Monday 7 December 2015:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded that the Minutes be received as a true record.

Minute no 4028/16


8.  To receive for information the Minutes of the Trefi Môn Committee meeting held on

Wednesday 16 December 2015:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded to receive the Minutes for information.

Minute No. 4029/16

The Mayor highlighted the positive effect the CCTV had had since being installed for keeping our community safe.  The Town Clerk commented that other villages on the island would be interested in having their own CCTV installed in the future, but that this would have a cost implication in their communities.







(a) Helen Thomas Ynys Cybi a Caergybi Appeal Committee, Eisteddfod Ynys Môn 2017 Appeal : Request for donation

It was resolved  to make a donation of £2,000.00 in the financial year 2016/2017 and £2,000 in the financial year 2017/2018.

Minute No. 4030/16



(b)  Colin Evans Fundraising Executive North Wales “Action on Hearing Loss” Event at the Gwelfor Community Centre Holyhead Monday 25 January 2016 between 10.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.

It was resolved  to note the information contained in the correspondence.

Minute No. 4031/16

The meeting concluded at  8.00  p.m.