MINUTES OF THE COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 7 MARCH 2016 7.00 p.m.


Councillors present: J V Owen (Mayor), Mrs Ann Kennedy MBA, John Knox-Crawford, S J Redmond, Mrs R N Keegans, W J Chorlton,  Keith R Roberts, K Tatlock, J M Evans, E G Jones, Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE


In attendance: Richard W Jones Deputy Town Clerk

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist)


As there were officers of the Anglesey County Council present at the meeting, it was resolved that item 6 of the Agenda (Gypsy/Traveller sites) be dealt with at the end of the meeting after the other Council business had been dealt with.

Minute no. 4036/16


1.  To ask the question – Is a member of the Council or the public in the Council Chamber tape recording the meeting?

There was no-one tape recording the meeting.


2.  Apologies for absence were received by the Town Clerk and Councillors T Lloyd Hughes,

Ron E Williams, Mrs Jean A Llewelyn Williams and Mrs Beryl Warner BEM


3.  DECLARATION OF INTEREST by any Councillor or Officer:

Councillor J M Evans in Gypsy/Traveller site presentation.  He asked questions, but did not vote.


4.  Mayor’s announcements:

The Mayor did not make any announcements.


5.  To welcome a representative from the North Wales Police to the meeting:

There was no representative of the North Wales Police at the meeting.


6.  To receive for information the Minutes of the Staffing/Audit Committee meeting held on Wednesday 6 January 2016:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded to receive the Minutes for information.

Minute no. 4037/16


7.  To receive for information Minutes of the Council Meeting held on Monday 18 January 2016:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded that the Minutes be received as a true record.

Minute no. 4038/16

Councillor S J Redmond stated that at the meeting of the Council held on Monday 18 January 2016 that he had said that he considered the amount ear marked in the draft Estimates for the Holyhead Park (£40,000.00) to be excessive should the Holyhead Town Council take over the responsibility of running the Park.


8.  To approve the Minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee meeting held on Monday

8 February 2016:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded to approve the Finance & General Purposes Committee Minutes. Minute no. 4039/16

Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy wished it to be included in the Minutes that she had suggested that the PCSO’s keep a weekly written record of where the parking hot-spots occurred so that this could be regularly monitored.






                       MINUTES OF THE COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON MONDAY 7 MARCH 2016 7.00 p.m.



(a)  Letter dated 16 February 2016 from Mr Dewi Williams Head of Service Highways, Waste and Property, Anglesey County Council, Llangefni : Request for additional Traffic Wardens

It was resolved to note the information in the correspondence and that the Holyhead Town Council would correspond with Mr Dewi Williams regarding this in the future.

Minute no. 4040/16


(b)  Cllr Mrs Jean A LL Williams : Request for leave of absence from attending Council meetings

It was resolved that the Holyhead Town Council agrees to Councillor Williams’s request.

Minute no. 4041/16


(c)  Mrs Helen Jeffery, Highways, Waste and Property Dept, Anglesey County Council : New Cybi Primary School, South Stack Road, Holyhead

It was resolved to note the information contained in the correspondence.

Minute no. 4042/16


10.  To receive a Presentation from officers of the Anglesey County Council : Re: Gypsy/Travellers sites on Anglesey:

Dr Gwynne Jones (Chief Executive), Dr Caroline Turner (Assistant Chief Executive), Councillor Ieuan Williams (Leader) and Councillor Aled Morris Jones were present at the meeting.

Dr Gwynne Jones stated that the Housing Wales Act 2014 places a duty on Local Authorities to provide sites for Gypsies and Travellers where a need had been identified and that the Welsh Government had set out a detailed policy framework for Local Authorities to follow.  One permanent site had been chosen on the Pentraeth Road area in the Menai area of Anglesey and in addition there would be two temporary halting stops – one towards the centre of the island and the other in the Holyhead area.  The temporary halting stop in the Holyhead area had been identified as this would be close to the A55 and used by travellers going over to Ireland.  Dr Gwynne Jones stated that at the present time if gypsy/travellers used unauthorised encampments there would be a cost implication to the Anglesey County Council in clearing up the site once the travellers had left.  Dr Gwynne Jones stated that the Anglesey County Council by identifying the permanent and temporary halting stops that the Authority could then offer the gypsy/travellers waste disposal, a water supply and sanitation facilities and the sites could be better controlled than unauthorised encampments.  Dr Jones stated that the Anglesey County Council had consulted with the travellers themselves as well as local businesses and that grant funding would be available for set up costs from the Welsh Government.

Dr Gwynne Jones was asked if the Shipping companies had been consulted and Dr Jones replied that they had not been consulted.  Other Councillors expressed their opinion that out of the three sites earmarked for Holyhead that two were not suitable (near Morrisons and by the side of B&M Retail store) as they were near to retail outlets in areas of outstanding natural beauty and out of the 3 sites the preferred site would be near to Al Poco processing plant. Councillors stated that the Anglesey Local Development Plan had now been closed and these sites could not now be included onto the Local Development Plan. Length of stay for travellers was also discussed as well as if charges would be implemented.  Dr Jones stated that charges would be levied for the permanent site in the Menai area and that he envisaged that the temporary halting stops would be restricted to 3 or 4 nights.  Councillors also voiced their concerns regarding enforcement problems, security and policing the areas. Cllr Aled Morris Jones stated that the Anglesey County Council would work closely with the Police in this matter and had power to legally enforce persons not abiding by the rules set down.

The consultation end date of Friday 11 March 2016 was also a concern to Councillors.  Dr Jones stated that it was important for Councillors and members of the public to take part in the consultation process and to voice their views and that the end consultation date of Friday 11 March 2016 had been chosen to fall in with the Council’s schedule.

                                                                                          -   HOLYHEAD TOWN COUNCIL

                           MINUTES OF THE COUNCIL MEETING MONDAY 7 MARCH 2016 7.00 p.m.


Councillor K Tatlock then handed over a Petition to Dr Caroline Turner.

The officers of the Anglesey County Council then left the meeting and were thanked for their presentation.


Two motions were put forward:-


1) That the Holyhead Town Council reject the sites in Holyhead as they could not be included in the Local Development Plan at this stage as the Local Development Plan had now closed and also that two of the sites suggested were close to businesses and in areas of outstanding natural beauty.  Also, the Town Council was concerned that the cost of setting up and maintaining these sites would fall on the rate-payers of Anglesey.


2) Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy put in an amendment to the original motion, “That as we are dealing only with Holyhead that we accept the fact that travellers are totally unique members of the community travelling through Holyhead that we accept that sites are needed in the town and that we work with the Anglesey County Council to ensure that the site which is chosen has the least impact to the residents”.


It was resolved, proposed and seconded that the first motion put forward be accepted.

Minute no. 4043

Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy voted against the first motion that was carried.   Councillors J M Evans and the Mayor did not take part in the vote.


The Deputy Clerk, Richard Jones informed members that the Mayor had just celebrated 50 years of marriage and congratulated Councillor and Mrs Owen on behalf of the Town Council.


The meeting concluded at 9.00 p.m.