WEDNESDAY 13 APRIL 2016 10.30 a.m.


Present:  Councillors J V Owen, John Knox-Crawford, R E Williams, Mrs Ann Kennedy, Keith R Roberts, S J Redmond, W J Chorlton, Mrs B Warner, K Tatlock, E G Jones and Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE

In attendance:

C Ll Everett (Town Clerk/Financial Officer)

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist)

Gareth Williams from the local Press


1.  To ask the question   - Is any member or Officer making a recording of this meeting?

There was no – one tape recording the meeting.


2.  All present were welcomed by the Mayor. Apologies for absence were received by

Councillors T Lloyd Hughes, J M Evans and Mrs Jean A Ll Williams.



Councillor Kennedy abstained from voting when the resolution was carried as she is a board member of Môn CF.


4.  Proposed Asset Transfer of Holyhead Park (New Park Road, Holyhead)

Letter from the Anglesey County Council 23 March 2016

The Town Clerk stated that in June of last year the Town Council had received a request from the Anglesey County Council for the Holyhead Town Council to consider the proposed asset transfer of Holyhead Park otherwise it was proposed by the Anglesey County Council that the Park would close at the end of March 2016.  The Town Clerk stated that if the Holyhead Town Council was to take over the asset transfer it would be subject to various conditions and subject to getting the necessary capital grant funding. The Town Clerk had had a few meetings with Officers of the Anglesey County Council which had included a site visit and a visual inspection of the area.  The Town Clerk went on to say that as the Precept is set in January of each year that funds had been included in the budget (£40,000.00)  and  that this sum equated to an increase of 29 pence per week to the rate payers living in a Band ‘D’ property.

The Town Clerk had received an individual ROSPA Inspection Report dated 26 March 2016 which had shown that the skate park risk is high and the risk for the mini crazy golf area was medium.  The Town Clerk did not have an EN1176 inspection report of the swings and slide and general risk assessment including the pavilion.  The Town Clerk stated that the pavilion would require an individual inspection survey to be carried out to bring the building up to standard.  The Town Clerk had been in touch with the VVP Officer of the Anglesey County Council and the Holyhead Park was on the list for potential VVP capital grants.  The Town Council is restricted as to certain grants that can be applied for and we could apply for grants under the Lottery scheme and the VVP Office.  Ideas in the future could be by selling tea and coffee from the pavilion and providing two or three kiddies rides.  The Town Clerk stated that some of the boundary walls needed attention and that this would be a big commitment.  The Town Clerk suggested that approaches could be made in the future to some of the large organisations coming to the island, such as Orthios or a housing developer to request they make a financial contribution.

Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy then read out parts of the letter received from the Anglesey County Council.





WEDNESDAY 13 APRIL 2016 10.30 a.m.


Councillor John Knox Crawford stated that Lady Thomas gave the land to the former Holyhead Urban District Council to keep the Park running for all of the people for all of the time and that we owe the people the return of their heritage to the community.

Councillor Keith R Roberts stated that the Holyhead Park had had no investment over the years and that the Holyhead Town Council has a good record for providing services for the community and is a shining light for the benefit of the people.  Councillor Mrs Keegans was in agreement for the Holyhead Town Council taking over the Park as long as we had the money and suggested using volunteers. 

Councillor W J Chorlton suggested that we find out how much it would cost, start the ball rolling and set out a plan for a ten year period and that we must keep it in trust for the people of Holyhead.

Councillor Mrs Beryl Warner stated that it was a good idea for volunteers to be involved and that the Park could be used all the year round and suggested events for all of the family.

Councillor Redmond stated that he visited the Park each day and had spoken to the existing staff.

Councillor Redmond did not believe it was necessary to levy a cost to the council tax payers and he said that he had not seen a sustainable plan from the Holyhead Town Council and that the tennis courts were not fit for purpose.  Councillor Redmond stated that the Anglesey County Council had refused to consider a plan from another organisation.  When Councillor Redmond was asked who the other organisation was, he stated that it was Môn CF.  He said that he would like to see the running of the Park being self-financing and not a burden to the tax payer and that the people of the town should be consulted.  Councillor Chorlton stated that any organisation wishing to take over the running of the Park would need to have a guarantee of funding in the future.

Councillor J V Owen stated that he as Mayor was speaking on behalf of the Holyhead Town Council and that it was necessary to instruct the Town Clerk to proceed to make sure that the Holyhead Town Council gets the Deeds for this land and re-iterated that houses would not be built on the land, that the land was left to the people of the town for recreation.  He added that a lot of money had been spent in the past on the bowling greens.  The Town Clerk stated that he was confident that as the Empire complex had provided 11 sustainable jobs, was being run successfully and was bringing footfall into the town centre that the Holyhead Town Council do could the same with the Holyhead Park in the future for the benefit of the community.

The proposal by Councillor J V Owen was seconded, that the Town Council proceeds with the asset transfer, subject to the Holyhead Town Council obtaining the necessary grant funding to carry out the necessary improvements to the facility and receiving the necessary Health & Safety Inspection reports.

Councillor Redmond proposed an amendment to the proposal, an alternative option, which was seconded by Councillor K Tatlock.

It was resolved, proposed and seconded by a majority vote that the proposal by Councillor J V Owen be carried.  Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy abstained from voting as she is a Board member of Môn CF.

The meeting concluded at 11.40 a.m.




Minutes Holyhead Park 13 4 2016 am