Councillors present: Mrs Ann Kennedy (Chairperson), J V Owen, John Knox-Crawford, Mrs Norma Keegans, Mrs Beryl Warner BEM and Mrs Jean A Ll Williams

In attendance: Richard W Jones Deputy Town Clerk

Mrs P R Scott Clerk/Typist

Gareth Williams from the local Press

The Chairperson, Mrs Ann Kennedy asked if anyone in the Chamber was tape recording the meeting and she was told that no-one was tape recording the meeting.

1.  Apologies for absence were received by the Town Clerk and Councillors Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE, E G Jones, S Hadley, Mrs Sian Howarth and Shaun J Redmond.

The Deputy Clerk stated that the Town Clerk was recovering from his recent hip operation and was working from home at the present time.

Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy informed members of the recent death of the wife of former Town Clerk Leslie Gordon Owen – Mrs Peggy Owen.  The Town Council had already sent a letter of condolence to her daughter and family and the Town Council had also sent a letter to the Mayoress Mrs Beryl Owen who was at the present time recovering in hospital following a major operation.  Everybody in the Council Chamber wished Mrs Beryl Owen a speedy recovery.

The Mayor, Councillor J V Owen informed all members that following the Church Service to be held at St Cybi’s Church Holyhead at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday 19 October 2014 to commemorate the Dutch Navy’s presence in the town during WWII that there would be light refreshments at the Town Hall following the Church Service.

Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy allowed a planning application to be considered – ref 19C690B.


Councillor Mrs Jean A LL Williams in planning appl 19C690B (Full application for alterations and extensions which include the raising of the roof height to provide first floor accommodation at 14 Cae Braenar Holyhead) as she was a resident on the estate.  As the Holyhead Town Council had already responded to this planning application on the 1/10/2014 by Councillor R E Williams, Councillor Mrs R N Keegans the Ward Councillor wished to make her comments known. 

It was resolved that the Council objects as the roof height of this bungalow after alteration would be higher than the others on the estate which consists of bungalows.

Minute No. 3919/14




MONDAY 6 OCTOBER 2014 7.00 p.m.

3.  Receipts and Payments for the months of August and September 2014:

It was resolved  that all Receipts for the month of August (£176,735.83) and September (£28,743.56) and Payments for the month of August (£64,580.54) and September (£102,656.92) be approved.

Minute No. 3920/14


(a)  Mr D Roberts 159 Treseifion Estate Holyhead : Letter of thanks : Stepping down as Chairman of the Plas Road Allotments Association

It was resolved  to note the information in the letter.

Minute No. 3921/14

(b) David Riley Chief Public Protection Office, Anglesey County Council : Food Hygiene rating of 5 in respect of the Empire complex, 39 Stanley Street Holyhead

It was resolved  to note the information in the letter and to congratulate all the staff for this high rating.

Minute No. 3922/14

(c) Bruce Williams Holyhead Rugby Club : Request for advertising sponsorship for the 2014/2015 season

It was resolved that the Holyhead Town Council make a donation of £75.00.


The meeting concluded at 7.20 p.m.