TUESDAY 7 APRIL 2015 7.00 p.m.

Present:-  Councillors Mrs Ann Kennedy (Chairperson), J V Owen, R E Williams,  Mrs Norma Keegans, John Knox-Crawford, S J Redmond, Keith R Roberts, T Lloyd Hughes, J M Evans and Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE

In attendance:  C LL Everett Town Clerk/Financial Officer

Mrs P R Scott Clerk/Typist

Gareth Williams from the Holyhead & Anglesey Mail


1.  Is there anyone in the Council Chamber tape-recording the meeting?

The answer was “No”.


2.  Apologies for absence were received by Councillors Mrs Beryl Warner BEM, W J Chorlton, Mrs Jean A Ll Williams and K Tatlock.  The Chairperson, Councillors Mrs Ann Kennedy was informed that Councillor K Tatlock had recently suffered a family bereavement.  The Town Clerk would write a letter of sympathy to him and his family.



Councillor T Lloyd Hughes in correspondence letter (b) request for donation from the Football squad travelling to the Island Games


4.  To welcome a representative of the North Wales Police to the meeting:

PCSO 3443 Mike Jones stated that he would be pleased to hear some of the concerns of Council members and his remit covered the town centre, the Porthyfelin area and the Llaingoch area of the town.  The aim was to concentrate on 3 specific concerns, try and resolve them within the timescale of one month and then report back to the Council at a meeting in the near future.  The main concerns of Councillors were parking of cars and vans on pavements, parking on double yellow lines and bike riding through the town centre against the one way system.  These concerns would be targeted in the Millbank, Plashyfryd and Holborn Road areas and outside of the Cinema in Stanley Street and Newry Street and in the area of Kingsland Road near to the Travel Lodge and Fairfield garage.  PCSO 3443 Mike Jones stated that PCSOs did not have the powers to deal with parking issues but that he would look up the legislation on this and report back to the Town Council.  The introduction of the new CCTV system would assist the Police and act as a deterrent in crime related issues in the future.   The officer would update the Council on a monthly basis and with feedback on the 3 issues highlighted by the Council.  PCSO Mike Jones left the Council Chamber at 7.50 p.m. and was thanked for his attendance. 

The Town Clerk was asked to write to UK Highways about the problems with the traffic lights and extra signage that was required on the Station bridge area of the town which was confusing to motorists, especially to visitors to Holyhead who were not familiar with the lay-out of the road lanes in that area.

Minute No. 3958/15




TUESDAY 7 APRIL 2015 7.00 p.m.


5.  Town Clerk to report on correct procedure should any Councillor wish to resign office:

The Town Clerk explained that Councillor R E Williams’s letter of resignation which was read out at the Council Meeting held on Monday 2nd March 2015 had been delivered to the home of the Clerk/Typist prior to the meeting and then handed to him at the Council meeting by Councillor Mrs Jean A LL Williams and he had not had sight of the letter of resignation until it was opened at the Council meeting of the 2nd March 2015.  The following morning, the Town Clerk had subsequently received another letter from Councillor R E Williams withdrawing his letter of resignation.  The Town Clerk then contacted the Electoral Officer of the Anglesey County Council and he had been issued with details of the Local Government Act 1972 c.70 Part V General Provisions as to Members and Proceedings of Local Authorities – Acceptance, resignation and vacation of office and casual vacancies, details of which he read out to the members in the Council Chamber. The Town Clerk explained that the Act states that the resignation must be delivered to the Chairman of the Council in our case, the Mayor.

It was resolved to accept the advice received by the Town Clerk and that the resignation was not correctly delivered to the rightful person,as per the advice that the Town Clerk had received from the Electoral Office as per s84(1)(a) of the Local Goverment Act 1972 

Minute No. 3959/15


6.  It was resolved to revert into Full Council – Town Clerk to report on Standing Orders addition and the Mayor, Councillor J V Owen chaired the meeting.

Minute No. 3960/15


It was resolved  that should any Council member or member of the public in attendance at the back of the Council Chamber tape record the proceedings when a Council meeting was taking place that they  must inform the Meeting that this was occurring.  If any member is aware of the Meeting being recorded and does not advise the Meeting, the member would be in breach of the Council’s Standing Orders and would also be in breach of the Council’s Code of Conduct.  Whilst the Council would support the Meeting being recorded, as per this resolution, the Meeting has to be informed.

Minute No. 3961/15


It was resolved that in the future should any Councillor wish to resign as a Town Councillor that he/she should personally address the letter of resignation and deliver it to the Mayor and the Council’s Standing Orders will be amended to reflect this resolution.

Minute No. 3962/15


It was resolved  to revert back to the Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting and Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy took the chair at this point.

Minute No. 3963/15







TUESDAY 7 APRIL 2015 7.00 p.m.


7.  Receipts and payments for the month of February 2015 (01/02/2015 – 28/02/2015)

It was resolved that all Receipts amounting to £46,211.27 and Payments amounting to a total of £72,051.10 be approved.  

Minute no. 3964/15

The Town Clerk stated that if any Councillor wished to call into the office at any time to view or seek clarification on any aspect of the Council’s accounts or to speak to the Council’s Internal Auditor who was auditing the Council’s accounts during this week, that they were free to do so.



(a)  Adam R Williams Headteacher Holyhead High School : Letter of thanks : Evening of Remembrance WWI held at the Ucheldre Centre Holyhead and donation of £400 to Ysgol Uwchradd Caergybi

It was resolved to receive the letter for information.

Minute No. 3965/15

Councillor J V Owen left the Council Chamber at this stage  - 8.50 p.m.


(b)  Rhys Roberts Island Games Football Squad : Request for financial support

It was resolved  that the Holyhead Town Council write to the Chairman of the Island Games Committee to seek whether the Town Council could contribute financially to a central fund. 

Minute No. 3966/15

Councillor T Lloyd Hughes took no part in the vote on this item of the Agenda.



(c)  Clare Robinson, Children with Cancer 51 Great Ormond Street London WC1N 3JQ : Request for financial donation

It was resolved to make a donation of £30.00

Minute No. 3967/15


(d)  Elfed Lewis Environmental & Technical Dept Anglesey County Council : Proposed Traffic Order Market Street Holyhead –

It was resolved that the Holyhead Town Council would support the one way system of traffic through Market Street Holyhead and await the detailed Traffic Order that would be submitted to the next meeting, once received.

Minute No. 3968/15

The meeting concluded at 9.15 p.m.