MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2015 7.00 p.m.


Present:  Councillors W J Chorlton, (Chairman), J V Owen, Mrs Ann Kennedy, John Knox-Crawford,

R E Williams, Keith R Roberts, S J Redmond, K Tatlock, E G Jones, J M Evans, Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE and Mrs R N Keegans


In attendance:  C Ll Everett (Town Clerk/Financial Officer)

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist

Gareth Williams from the local Press


The Mayor presented Mrs Scott with a bunch of flowers for her 28 years of service as Clerk/Typist.


Before the meeting began, Councillor S J Redmond stated that he had Notices of Motions that were not included on the Agenda.  From the chair, Councillor W J Chorlton stated that the meeting had not even began and that one of the Notices was not appropriate to be discussed in open forum and it was important that Councillors conducted themselves in an appropriate manner.  Councillor Redmond was informed that he had received a reply in writing from the Town Clerk to his request.  The item he wanted included to present a Petition for all Councillors and Town Clerks to resign was included on the Agenda at this meeting under item 7.


1.  To ask the question – “Is any member of the public or any member making a recording of this meeting”?

Professor T Looker stated that he was and Robert Henderson, Manager of the Empire complex said that he was.  When Councillor Kennedy asked if the tape recording of the previous meeting was available, Professor Looker stated that it would cost £100 donation to the Waterfront Action Group.


2.  Apologies for absence were received by Councillor Trefor Lloyd Hughes, Stan Hadley,

Mrs Jean A Ll Williams, Beryl Warner.


3.  DECLARATION OF INTEREST by any Councillor or Officer:

Councillor W J Chorlton stated that he was a member of the Community Health Council, but had no pecuniary interest and Councillor J M Evans stated that he was also a member of the Community Health Council.


 4.  To welcome Ffion Johnstone Area Director  and Lynne Joannou Assistant Director Primary Care, Betsi Cadwaladr UHB to the meeting: 

Christine Lynes, Head of Community Services and Meinir Williams Hospital Director for Ysbyty Gwynedd were also present.  Lynne Joannou stated that Ffion Johnstone was unable to attend.

Councillor J M Evans voiced his concerns over cancelled operations for patients.  Meinir Williams stated that over the Winter period difficulties did arise but she was unaware that operations were cancelled so many times.  The health of the patient in question was taken into account before their operations were carried out.  GP appointments varied between different Surgeries but every effort was made by each Surgery to book appointments, subject to staffing levels.  A few more Doctors were being introduced to the Wrexham and Conwy areas, but Councillors felt that more effort should be




MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2015 7.00 p.m.


made to train more Doctors to work in this area.  Councillor J M Evans asked why Glasmor Ward was still closed after a considerable amount of money had been spent on re-decoration.  Christine Lynes stated that there had been insufficient nursing staff but the Ward would be used as a Treatment Assessment area and a new Consultant had been appointed to work in the community.

Meinir Williams stated that the Betsi Cadwaladr UHB were organising public Consultations in various locations so that the public could have an opportunity to voice their views.  At the moment, there was a 6 week consultation period regarding Maternity services throughout North Wales.  Councillor J V Owen praised all the staff who worked diligently but wanted a clearer explanation of how Health Service funds were spent.  Meinir Williams stated that if any Councillor wished to arrange a meeting with her at any time, she would be willing to do this.

The representatives of the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board left the meeting at 7.50 p.m. and were thanked for attending.


5.  To welcome PCSO Emma Hughes to the meeting:

PCSO Emma Hughes stated that she had been employed by the North Wales Police since last December and foot patrols were a main part of her job.  Any complaints or issues made by members of the public would be passed on to the relevant officer if she was unable to deal with them.

PCSO re-iterated that the general public could telephone the non-emergency number “101” anonymously if they so wished or the emergency number of “999” in the case of an emergency.

Councillors voiced their concerns on various issues, - again persons cycling the wrong way down the one way street and Councillor Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE reminded the PCSO that she had had a site visit with an officer of the Anglesey County Council to alleviate traffic congestion at the junction of Holborn Road and Maeshyfryd Road and had initially requested that barriers be erected but she had not heard anything further on this.  Councillor S J Redmond stated that the general public at large and the elderly should be made more aware of rogue traders targeting vulnerable residents and also drugs problems in the Llaingoch area.  Other Councillors stated that drug problems was a society issue and did not only affect the Llaingoch area, but also other areas within the town.  The traffic problems on the Station bridge was also brought up again following a recent accident.

PCSO Emma Hughes was thanked by the Chairman for attending the meeting.


6.  RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS for the months of June and July 2015:

It was resolved that all Receipts and Payments be approved –

Receipts 1/6/2015 – 30/6/2015 £44,121.77

Payments 1/6/2015 – 30/6/2015 £55,361.83 cheque nos 109321 – 109358)

Receipts 1/7/2015 – 31/7/2015 £51,625.88

Payments 1/7/2015 – 31/7/2015 £71,824.62 cheque nos 109359 - 109417

Minute No. 4002/15





MONDAY 7 SEPTEMBER 2015 7.00 p.m.


At this point in the meeting, Councillor Redmond stood up  

The Chairman, at this point requested Councillor Redmond to sit down so that the Meeting could be conducted properly and proceed.   Councillor Redmond refused to sit down and continued to disrupt the meeting and he was further requested and reminded by the Chairman that he was in contravention of Standing Orders. 


He refused to take the ruling of the Chair.  He was asked if he was going to propose his Petition as per Agenda item no 7 which was for all Councillors and Town Clerks to resign.  He said that he was not going to propose this Motion which he had requested to be put on the agenda and continued to be disruptive and was not prepared to sit down he continued to pace up and down the room would not listen to the chair  referred to members of the public who are at the meeting.


Councillor Redmond then referred to the correspondence he had received from the Council’s Solicitor to which Councillor Roberts replied as Chair of the Staffing/Audit Committee.


Members of the public were also disrupting the meeting.  At this point, the Chairman had no alternative but to suspend the meeting (8.10p.m.).