MONDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2016 7.00 p.m.


Present:  Councillor s W J Chorlton, (Chairman), J V Owen, Mrs Ann Kennedy BA (Hons) MBA, John Knox-Crawford, T Lloyd Hughes, Keith R Roberts, S J Redmond and E G Jones

In attendance:  C Ll Everett (Town Clerk/Financial Officer)

Mrs P R Scott (Clerk/Typist)

Gareth Williams from the local Press


1.  To ask the question is any member of the public or any member making a recording of this meeting?

No one in the Council Chamber was tape recording the meeting.


2.  Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs R N Keegans, K. Tatlock,

Mrs Ailia Lewis MBE, Mrs Jean A Ll Williams, S Hadley, R E Williams and Mrs Beryl Warner BEM



Councillor J V Owen in accounts paid cheque nos. 109514 (twinning visit); cheque no. 109619 (hospitality delegation from Greystones); cheque no 109637 (cost of Christmas gifts to Ysbyty Penrhos Stanley and Garreglwyd Residential Home)


4.  To welcome a representative from the North Wales Police and Mr Dewi Williams to the meeting:

Seargeant Gleeson of the North Wales Police and Mr Dewi Williams Head of Highways & Transportation were welcomed to the meeting.

Mr Williams stated that there were a total of 4 Traffic Wardens covering the whole of the island, originally 6 but this had not proved to be cost effective and that Traffic Wardens can only issue tickets for violation of Traffic Orders and persons parking on double yellow lines.  Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy stated that employees working in the town centre were parking in Water Street and the residents of that area would be prepared to pay a small amount so that they could be offered some parking spaces in the car park nearby. 

Councillors voiced their views on the problems of parking at the bottom of King’s Road, Holborn Road, Longford Road and Victoria Road.  Sergeant Gleeson stated that the Police do not carry tickets, advisory notices had been attached onto vehicles, photo coverage obtained and this information is then submitted to the Justice Department in Prestatyn.   The car owners concerned are either given a fine, enrolled onto a speed awareness course or summoned to Court.  Advisory notices had been placed onto vehicles in Station Street and Holborn Road and the situation had improved since November 2015. 

Councillors voiced their concerns of lorries parking on pavements and the damage caused.  Mr Dewi Williams stated that the Traffic Wardens shifts would be varied so that evening times would now be covered as well as day time hours.  The Mayor, Councillor J V Owen stated the importance of the CCTV cameras which were viewed daily by officers of the North Wales Police.





MONDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2016 7.00 p.m.


Councillor Keith R Roberts suggested to Mr Dewi Roberts that a traffic management review scheme should be carried out to see if the traffic system could be altered, maybe to a one-way system especially in the Holborn Road and Thomas Street areas to improve traffic flow and ease congestion.  Mr Williams stated that he would look into this.   Some years ago the County Council tried to implement a one-way system in Longford Road but there was too much opposition to this from local residents.   Councillor Mrs Ann Kennedy suggested that Holyhead should employ its own Traffic Warden specifically for Holyhead. The Town Clerk stated that there had been problems caused by the lorry drivers in the Morrissons area and the human mess they would leave behind which was a health hazard.  He has now been advised that double yellow lines will be put on the road next to the old postal sorting office.

It was resolved, proposed and seconded to write to the Anglesey County Council to request that more Traffic Wardens are employed as four for the whole of the island is not adequate to deal with the on-going problems.

Both Sergeant Gleeson and Mr Williams were thanked for attending the meeting and left the Council Chamber at 7.50 p.m.

On referring to the parking problems in the future that would arise at the new Cybi Primary School, it was resolved, proposed and seconded to write to Mr Dewi Williams Head of Service of the Anglesey County Council to find out, under the Freedom of Information Act, how much extra finance had been spent on the new Cybi School in cleaning up the site so far, as the building had now been  listed and also who had made the decision to locate this new School at this site which would be used by pupils from Park School, Revd Thomas Ellis School and Ysgol Llaingoch.

Minute no. 4033/16


5.  RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS for the months of October, November and December 2015:

It was resolved, proposed and seconded that all receipts and payments be approved.

Minute no. 4034/16

Receipts October  £37,656.69 plus bank interest £20.63; November £69,751.47 and December £157,377.31 and bank interest £19.96;

Payments October £51,349.39 cheque nos 109505 – 109540; November £76,706.77 cheque nos.

109541 – 109594; December £71,311.61 cheque nos. 109595 – 109639;

On observations made by Councillor S J Redmond on the Screen 2 proposal and the costs of film hire,  Councillor Redmond informed the meeting that he carries out work for Cineworld and knows how Cinemas operate.  The Town Clerk answered his comments and suggested that if he, or any other Councillor wished clarification on any aspect of finance regarding the Empire complex they were welcome to call into the Town Hall to meet with the Empire complex Manager, the Deputy Clerk and myself. 





      MONDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2016 7.00 p.m.


The Town Clerk confirmed that the Empire complex was run as a community facility and not a business and since opening had attracted a large number of people from across the island and beyond and was supporting local jobs. 


The Town Clerk also informed members that a questionnaire had been filled in by customers in relation to the Screen 2 grant applications that he has applied for.  The result of the questionnaire is available from the Town Clerk or Mr Dewi Lloyd of the Economic Development Unit of the Anglesey County Council.



(a)  Letter dated 20 January 2016 from Dewi G Lloyd VVP Programme Manager, Economic & Communtiy Regeneration, Anglesey County Council : New town centre public benches – future maintenance

It was resolved to note the information contained in the correspondence and that Holyhead Town

Council would accept responsibility for the future maintenance of the new benches outside Boots Chemist in Market Street and at either end of Market Street.

Minute no. 4034/16


(b)  Letter dated 8 February 2016 from J Huw Jones, Head of Democractic Services, Anglesey County Council : Sites for gypsies and travellers (This letter was distributed to the members present at the meeting) : Consultation session at the Kingsland Community Centre Holyhead on

Wednesday 24 February 2016 2.00 p.m. – 7.00 p.m. The Town Clerk stated that he would have more information on this proposal in due course and would be submitted to the next Full Council meeting scheduled on the 7 March 2016 for the Town Council to provide its views.

It was resolved, proposed and seconded to note the information in the correspondence.

Minute no 4035/16    

The meeting concluded at 8.20 p.m.