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Continuing to maintain strict social distancing and adhering to health advice is key to avoiding a Coronavirus surge on Anglesey, according to Council Leader, Cllr Llinos Medi.

Complacency and any flouting of the all-important guidance aimed at protecting communities, she firmly believes, could undo all the hard work and sacrifice of local residents, the NHS and key workers to date.

As of yesterday (Tuesday, September 8th), the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases on Anglesey stood at 469.


Cllr Llinos Medi said, “Coronavirus has touched us all in one way or another and continues to do so. Our daily lives have changed; and we must continue to be vigilant as we get to grips with the ‘new normal’.”

“Anglesey has already experienced the dread of a Coronavirus outbreak at the Two Sisters plant in Llangefni. We came through that with the support of key partners, local community and, of course, co-operation of the site and its staff.”

She added, “We’re now heading towards winter, which also brings its own challenges and pressures. It is imperative that we all listen to and follow Welsh Government and public health advice. Please adhere to social distancing, wear facemasks and remember to wash your hand regularly.”

“We all have a vital role to play in keeping our communities safe. However, I would implore our young people to be responsible when socialising, especially in pubs and restaurants. Think about yourselves as well as your family, friends and communities. Follow the social distancing guidance and public health advice. The last thing we want on Anglesey is an increase in Coronavirus cases and another outbreak which could lead to a local lockdown and greater loss of life – something which we’ve sadly already seen in other parts of the UK.”

To keep Anglesey and Wales safe:

  • always observe social distancing
  • wash your hands regularly
  • if you meet another household, outside your extended household, stay outdoors
  • work from home if you can
  • Stay at home and get tested if you or anyone in your extended household has symptoms.

Anglesey Chief Executive Annwen Morgan added, “Anglesey’s figures have not increased significantly for some time now. Whilst this is good to see, it is still vital that we remember the virus is still circulating, and we must continue to social distance and wash our hands regularly.”

“The same also applies to when we are not at work, especially when meeting up with friends and family as Welsh Government guidance allows. Keeping to social distancing is the most effective way of ensuring that our Covid-19 cases do not increase significantly.”

“The County Council is working towards recovery from Coronavirus, but as a community we can’t let our guard down. Allowing the virus to take hold again would affect more lives and possibly lead to more deaths.”

Please remember that it is important to get a Coronavirus test even if your symptoms are mild so that you don’t put others in your family and community at risk.

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