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The Big Park

Holyhead Town Council now run The Big Park in Holyhead. Find out more.

Newry Beach

Situated on the coastline of Newry Beach, this fully fenced off park provides activities for young children as well as views for the adults. a new piece of equipment was added recently.


Kingsland Park

Kingsland Park, situated at the top of a large hill provides ample space and facilities for children of all ages. With a football pitch including goal posts.


Llanfawr Park

Llanfawr Park, services the immediate area with ample space for all activities. A point of note is that also contained in the park grounds is a Celtic cross dedicated to the Stanley family.


London Road Park

London Road Park locally called Canada Gardens is equipped with two slides, swings and a roundabout. Being set back from the road it provides peace of mind for families with younger children.


Llaingoch Park

Llaingoch Park, situated on Old School Road in the beautiful suburb of Holyhead at the base of Holyhead Mountain.